Our Products

All of our Drop-Lok® specifications can be found by going to the webpage for each individual size closure.  Click on the size closure you are interested in by using the drop down menu under the  Drop-Lok Closure and Bottle Specs. tab on the home page.  There you will find the drawings, specifications and instructions on how to download additional information.

At any time you may hit the “contact us” button and submit a question or request further information.

Container Finishes:
  • CT Glass 1768, PET 1763; HDPE 1787.
  • DLT PET 1799 VHS
Lining Material:

Hoffer Plastics will insert lining materials which are designed to be compatible with our customer’s products and filling environments.  All lining materials are approved by the FDA.  Foil Heat Seal liners are available at your request as well.

Stock Lining Materials:

  • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA).
  • SS-222 – 3-ply co-extruded foamed LDPE core between two layers of solid LDPE.
  • The Drop-Lok® Closure is offered with a Linerless Plug Seal in 20mm and 28mm.  In addition, Hoffer Plastics offers a 33mm Wing-Lok® Tamper Evident Band with a linerless seal.

Customized colors are available.  Embossing and debossing are other opportunities for product and brand identification.

Storage and Handling:

Drop-Lok® must be stored in a clean and dry area. Prior to application, closures must be at room temperature to ensure easy application.  Additional heating of the Drop-Lok® Closure side wall will further enhance ease of application. Closures pallet stacking should not exceed two at one time.